CHICHESTER, UK - commission for a new dance work for Mapdance at the University of Chichester.
Jan 16th- Feb 2nd. (closed group) More info

BRUSSELS, Belgium- ROSAS dance company
5th 16th (morning lessons). More info

(Postponed!) POLAND, Poznan - Power Sources at Szkoła Tańća Współczesnego w Poznaniu programm
February 19th 23rd. (Unfortunately this workshop it has been postponed to 2019.)

BARCELONA - commission dance work for Conservatori Professional de Dansa del Institut del Teatre. 
March 5 - 23rd. (closed group)

BRUSSELS, Belgium- Space conflict & Catastrophic Imagination workshop.  Ultima Vez studio
April 16th - 20th

CANADA, Montreal - Power Sources at Circuit-Est.
April 23rd - 27th (morning lessons)

LATVIA, Riga - Riga-ON international contemporary dance workshop - Power Sources. 
April 30th - May 5th

BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S.
May 22th- June 8th. (closed group) More info

DELTEBRE, Spain - Deltebre Dansa - Play Full Body / Partnering Work Tools
July 23rd -27th More Info

VIENNA, Austria. Impulstanz - Partnering tools, Play Full Body and Ultima Vez vocabulary
August 20th - 31st. More Info

CANADA, Toronto - International Summer Intensive Training Program. Alias Dance Project.
August 20th - 31st.

CELRÀ, Catalunya - L' Animal a l'Esquena - Power Sources workshop -
September 17th - 21st.  More info