LANÒNIMA IMPERIAL /Juan Carlos García (1996-1999)

Lanònima Imperial was founded in 1986 by the Basque choreographer Juan Carlos García, who since its beginning was the artistic director; the company had a clear vocation of poetic provocation and it created dance of strong experimental roots. Lanònima Imperial was one of the leading Spanish dance company with international recognition and tours as well as many awards at his productions. It closed down all activities since 2011.

"I joined the ensemble at the age of seventeen. It was my first professional commitment and a place of nourishment. I shared time and space surrounded by older, generous people with experience. We had full-time contracts with international tours, and performing as much as we did immersed me in immediate, invaluable information about both the art form and the industry.” 

Laura Aris was part of the creation and tour of Descripción de un Paisaje, Cuerpo de Somba y de Luz and the repertory of the company: Eco de Silencio, Gestos del Camino and Moving Landscape.
Laura Aris also featured in some video-creations of the company
Cuerpo de Sombra y de Luz 1998
Inquieta 1997

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GENERAL ELÈCTRICA / Tomàs Aragay (1997-1999)

General Elèctrica was Center for Performing Arts , a platform for the work of a variety of artists, founded by Roger Bernat and Tomàs Aragay (1996 - 2001); It was created with the spirit to allow the infiltration of contamination and artistic promiscuity in theater and dance.

"Tomàs Aragay came from a theatre education, specialising in dramaturgy. He was interested in working with dancers on his research, and his physical approach to theatre reshaped my thinking about dance and it’s expressive possibilities.  
 With him, I witnessed and participated in the creation of an artist collective: It was an interesting, constantly challenging time, but being part of that beginning and exploring wide-ranging topics in conversations, rehearsals, and performances was exciting and inspiring. It was a powerful experience that has marked me as an artist, and I am grateful for having that time at a very young age".

Laura was part of the creation and tour of several performances directed by Tomàs Aragay:

- El Amor en Los Tiempos de Shakespeare, 1994.
- La Noche Demasiado Larga, 1996.
- Cruza Cuando el Hombrecito esté en Verde ( 1st prize at Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 1997)
- Night, 1998
- Jonh Kovach, 1999 (Awarded at International Encounters in Saint-Denis, France 1999)

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©Ultima Vez©Wim Vandekeubus ©Jean Pierre Stopp ©Hans Roels ©Pieter-Jan de Pue

Laura was a formal member of the renowned Belgium Company Wim Vandekeybus/ Ultima Vez for the creations and touring of:  Inasmuch as Life is Borrowed (2000), Scratching the Inner Fields (2001), Blush (2002), What a Body Does not Remember (reprise 2002), Sonic Boom (2004),  Puur (2005), Spiegel (2006), Menske (2007), What’s the Prediction (2008) Laura also featured in the dance films directed by Wim Vandekeybus: Here After (2007), Blush (2005) and the short film Inasmuch as Life is Borrowed (2000)

"I can’t find words to describe the experiences gathered during almost ten years with Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez. The intensity of the experience was huge and sometimes very demanding. I stayed for as long as I did because it was fascinating for me to be there: Every show was a new journey, and year after year, I was insatiably curious about what would come next. Wim has a charismatic personality and dealing with intensity in ensemble that grew and changed over time taught me a lot.  

The list of artists that has formed Ultima Vez's constellation through the years is big (dancers with different backgrounds, actors, musicians, technicians, writers, dramaturges, assistants, office members, the costume designer, photographers, etc), and it was a privilege to share time and get to know so many of them.

It was challenging to leave such a recognized company and find my own space and voice in the field afterwards"

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