PUUR revival 2018 by Royal Opera of Stockholm recibed great critics!

PUUR ©Kungliga Operan 2018
PUUR was originally created by Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeubus in 2005.




RIGA/ON , LATVIA, April 30 ー May 4, 2018

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We’r happy to present you Riga on contemporary dance workshop
April 30 ー May 4, 2018
Laura ArisAladino R. BlancaAlexander LyubashinDmitrijs Gaitjukevics

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Autumn 2017

otoño 2017

- ARGENTINA, Rosario - October 15th -Festival El Cruce - Cualquier Mañana (Álvaro Esteban & Laura Aris) + Open Wound + Antípodas (Álvaro Esteban).
- CHILE, Valparaiso - October 21th - Festival DanzaAlBorde - Open Wound.
- PERU, Lima - October 25th - teatro ICPNA de Miraflores/ Danza Viva Perú - Cualquier Mañana (Álvaro Esteban & Laura Aris) + Open Wound + Antípodas (Álvaro Esteban)
- VITORIA, Bask Country (ES) - December 17th - Sala Baratza - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.
- ARGENTINA, Rosario - Festival El Cruce - Power Sources workshop October 11th -14th.
- CHILE, Valparaiso - Festival DanzaAlBorde - Power Sources workshop October 18th -20th.
- PERU, Lima - Danza Viva - Power Sources workshop October 23th -25th.
- BUENOS AIRES - October 1-3 (to be confirmed)
- VITORIA, Bask Country (ES) - Sala Baratza (TBC)


Successful premier of Richard Strauss’ masterpiece Salome with standing ovation!
Fantastic debut of Malin Byström!!!
An opera directed by Ivo Van Hove with choreography by Wim Vandekeybus and the conductor Daniele Gatti leading the amazing Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, at Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam.
It was a pleasure to be part of it and coached Malin for her dance.
more info at http://www.operaballet.nl/

Cualquier Mañana film at FestivalOFF 18th May 2017, at 20.30h


OFFestival 2017 proposes a 4 hours artistic gathering between Laura Aris and dancers-movers to share some physical ideas and spend study time previously to the presentation of her video dance Cualquier Mañana, a film version of the duet in collaboration with the Spanish dancer Alvaro Esteban.

As much as we wish, there is no manual for how to choreograph a dance performance. Everyone makes their own rules when they’re working, and they most probably change them over the years, too – if not every single time a creation process begins. However, there is the possibility to give some examples, hoping to encourage participants own choices, and fuel their imaginations.

This day-workshop will be focus around the framework of “The Anatomy of Broken Things”, a long period research project that includes the creations of several solo works, commissions and artistic collaborations. In this case, we will work around the idea, universe, vocabulary and filters of movement that we used during the creation of the dance duet “Cualquier Mañana” (At Any Given Morning).

We will explore two scenes of the duet, what we called “Broken hands” and “The puzzle”. We will set up certain rules and inspirational guidance but we will not give set material instead we will improvised around the given ideas, and maybe set up a new sequence.

After the workshop, participants are invited to discover the film Qualquier Mañana tighter with the audience. An after-talk of the film’s presentation will be hold for those interested.