Performer - Choreographer - Dance Pedagogue

Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer, and internationally-recognized dance teacher.
She is currently working as a freelance artist and developing her own creative practices.

Laura has a strong interest in developing ongoing dialogues with contemporary dance, other artistic disciplines, and one’s relationship to spectators.

Through reflection on personal issues and the movement of material from private spheres to public, collective spaces, Laura builds evocative, moving images of great beauty and emotional power.

Keeping what is unique to her, she maintains steady focus on collaboration with other artists.  

©Elias Aguirre

©Elias Aguirre

Writing about dance is an exercise in vain. I’m not aware of another art form about which you can say less and err more, and each subject should first present their key elements so as to not confuse their message - almost always inevitably wrapped up in poetic ambiguity.
— Ángel Marco

"I use dance as Tool and not as Goal, and though it is not my intention, dance shapes my spirituality. I like to create theatrical discourses that are sustained by movement - constantly seeking generators of physicality and then setting necessary filters that maximize the content of my proposals. In dance, I find an ephemeral logic that reveals particles of truth. Sometimes, the particles disappear at the end of the performative act, but sometimes, they endure. I am interested in the echo of movement".

"In each of my projects, I aim to discover and share a new universe and all its unique cosmology. Often, I’m surprised that a creation is so clear a consequence of it’s precedent.  I throw ideas in the garbage easily, but sometimes, discarded ideas reappear years later while I am in a different context or framework - oddly, what’s been discarded arrives anew with more significance than ever. This has always been something that both confuses and fascinates me".

"Travel soon became an inevitable part of my life. The observation of different cultures, behaviours and human relations, and the contemplation of natural landscapes has always been a source of inspiration. I do and undo many backpacks in my life, but there are times when I travel without leaving home".

"If I would have to describe what dance is, I would say It is  "moving landscapes”, a door to enter and explore a different relation to time and space. It is a physical language that starts from, expresses or creates emotions, feelings, reflections and poetic echoes. But yet I would have to confess that dance is also where I find silence, a pause, a kind of peace.
Any artistic encounter can become a revealing experience, an implosive or explosive experience. It can feel like a slap in the face or be as liberating as breath. I'm not only talking about the relationship between the performance and its audience, but also the dynamic created between the choreographer and the performers during a creative process."

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working
— Pablo Picasso
EMBER©Gunter kraemmer

EMBER©Gunter kraemmer