From 2000 until 2008, Laura regularly assisted and co-taught with Wim Vandekeybus in Ultima Vez's workshops internationally; Such as Teatro Comunale di Ferrara 2000, Kalamata Dance festival 2001, State School of Athenes 2002, Porto -capital of culture 2001, Teatro Central de Sevilla 2001-2004, UCLA - California in 2004, Festival Oriente Occidente in Rovereto 2006, among others. Afterwards, from 2009 until 2013, she often co-taught partnering workshops with Jorge Jáuregui (EMBER). She has always combined these experiences with leading her own technical and creative workshops: These include Power Sources, Partnering Tools workshop, Space Conflict & Catastrophic imagination/Ultima Vez vocabulary, PlayFull Body, The Courage to Create, and most recently, Vulnerability & Other Ways towards Strength in Dance.

During all these years of teaching workshops sometimes I had the pleasure to be accompanied and helped by wonderful assistants. My love and thanks to all of them:  Melina Mastrotanasi (2002-2003), Marco Fonseka (2009-2010), Julio Cesar Ungo, (2011), Laida Aldaz Arrieta (2012), Sebastián Méndez Marín (2013-2014),  Leif Firnhaber (2014), Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir (2015), María De Dueñas (2015-2016), Ariadna Girones (2017-2018).


PAMPLONA, Bask Country (Spain) - La Faktoria - January 7th - 18th. (Closed group)
OSLO, Norway - Skuespiller – og danseralliansen AS -January 28th - February 1st.
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S.  (closed group). March 11th - April 5th. More info
ALICANTE, Spain - VíaDanza- FLOW Espacio Vivo Arte y Movimiento. March 30th - Masterclass Power Sources
Collaboration with Abril en Danza 2019.
FLORENCE, Italy - CENTRO OPUS BALLET SSD. April 29th - Mai 3rd. More info
COLOGNE, Germany - May 20th to 24th, 2019. CCD (closed group)
VITLYCKE, Sweden - Vitlycke Performing Arts Center. Play Full Body workshop. June 3rd- 7th, 2019. More info
DELTEBRE, Catalunya (Spain) Deltebre Dansa - The Borrowed Body workshop. 15th -19th July 2019. More info
VIENNA, Austria - IMPULTANZ. July 29th - August 9th, 2019. More info
BRUSSELS, Belgium - PARTS Summer School. August 12th - 16th, 2019. More info
LISBON, Portugal - EVC Kick Off’ 19. September 09th -13th, 2019. Estúdios Víctor Cordon.
LIMA, Peru - Play Full Body workshop. September 23rd- 27th, 2019 -Encuentro Internacional Danza PUCP 2019 QUITO, Ecuador - Festival Cielo Abierto. September 19th, 2019. Master class + lecture “Writing with Bodies”
LIMA, Peru. The Borrowed Body workshop. Centro Cultural CC Cine Olaya. October 16th- 19th
BRUSSELS, Belgium. P.A.R.T.S.  (closed group). November 4th - December 6th, 2019. More info
ISTRES, France - The Borrowed Body. COLINE - Formation Professionnelle du danseur interprète (closed group)
December 16th- 20th 2019 (TBC). More info


CHICHESTER, UK - commission for a new dance work for Mapdance at the University of Chichester.
Jan 16th- Feb 2nd. (closed group) More info
BRUSSELS, Belgium - ROSAS dance company. 5th 16th (morning lessons). More info
POLAND, Poznan - Power Sources at Szkoła Tańća Współczesnego w Poznaniu programm
February 19th 23rd. (Unfortunately this workshop it has been postponed to 2019.)
BARCELONA, Spain - Commission dance work for Conservatori Professional de Dansa del Institut del Teatre. 
March 5 - 23rd. (closed group). More info
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Space conflict & Catastrophic Imagination workshop.  Ultima Vez studio. April 16th - 20th.
CANADA, Montreal - Power Sources at Circuit-Est. - April 23rd - 27th (morning lessons). More info
LATVIA, Riga - Riga-ON international contemporary dance workshop - Power Sources. 
April 30th - May 5th. More info
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S. - May 22th- June 8th. (closed group) More info
DELTEBRE, Spain - Deltebre Dansa - Play Full Body / Partnering Work Tools. July 23rd -27th. More Info
BRAZIL, Goiania - Manga de Vento – Mostra Expandida de Dança - (Álvaro Esteban & Laura Aris). July 5th.
VIENNA, Austria - Impulstanz - Partnering tools, Play Full Body and Ultima Vez vocabulary. August 20th - 31st.
CANADA, Toronto - Alias Dance Project - International Summer Intensive Training Program. August 20th - 31st.


BASK COUNTRY, VitoriaIntensive On Fragility and Other Matters. 7th - 8th 2017. More info
SPAIN, Barcelona - Creation for the students of Institut del Teatre - March 27th - April 8 / April 24th -29th 2017. More info
AUSTRIA, Vienna - Tanz Quartier. May 8th - 13th 2017.
UK, London - Tripspace. June 12th - 15th 2017. More info
SPAIN, Valencia - Ens Mou Dansa Festival - July - 3rd- 7th. More Info
SPAIN, Deltebre - Deltebre Dansa. July 10th - 14th. More info
CROATIA, St. Vicenti - Dance & Non Verbal Theater festival July 21th-23h from 10h-14h. More Info
VIENNA, Impulstanz - August 1st - 11th. More Info
ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires - Octubre 6th -7th. Congreso de Artes del Movimiento/Cia de Danza de la UNa.
ARGENTINA, Rosario- Festival El Cruce- Power Sources workshop October 11th -14th. More info
CHILE, Valparaiso - Festival DanzaAlBorde - Power Sources workshop October 18th -20th. More info
PERU, Lima - Danza Viva - Power Sources workshop October 23th -25th. More info
ARGENTINA, Buenos Aire - November 2nd - 4th. Salón Camargo.
VITORIA, Bask Country (ES) - Sala Baratza - Dec 17th - 18th


HONG KONG HKAPA Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Jan 11th - 15th Contemporary degree students and Jan 18th Masters program
TAIPEI, Taiwan - 26th Jan Master class (to be confirmed) - TTC Dance
STAVANGER, Norway - Stavanger University of Arts - Feb 8th - 19th
MUMBAI, India - Jugnee Dance Festival - April 25th - 29th
BERLIN, Germany - B12 - May 24th, 25th & 26th
MONTREAL, Canada - Atelier Transformation. June 6 -10th
DELTEBRE, Spain - Deltebre Dansa. July 11- 15th
VIENNA, Austria - Impulstanz. July 25th - August 5th
BARCELONA, Spain - Laura Aris. Power sources workshop - La Caldera. August 8th - 12th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Ultima Vez workshop. Sept 5th-9th  
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Space Belgica - PlayFull Body sessions Sept 19th- 23rd
MALMÖ, Sweden - September 26th -30th. Skanes DansTheatre morning class company - October 3rd - 7th. Power Sources morning class and workshop Ultima Vez at Danscentrum in collaboration with Dansalliansen
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S. Nov 21st- Dec16th (Close group)


QUITO, Ecuador - Ruta (Conocimiento y Arte en Movimiento) Laura Aris & Álvaro Esteban
Power Sources - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito. April 4 - 8th
KRAKOW,Poland - Krakow Choreography center - Laura Aris (Power Sources) - Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER. April 30 - 3rd May   
DESTELHEIDE, Belgium - Laura Aris / Ultima Vez 1 - 4 June
HAMBURG, Germany - Power Sources (morning training). K3- Zentrum für Choreographic - June 8-11th  
LA BIENNALE DI VENICE, Italy - Morning training (power Sources) - June 15 - 21
DELTEBRE, Spain - EMBER (Laura Aris / Jorge Jáuregui) Partner work. July 6 - 10
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Ultima Vez Studio. July 28th -31st   
VIENNA, Austria - IMPULSTANZ. Vocabulary Ultima Vez / Partner tools workshop /  Playful Body workshop / The Courage to Create workshop. August 3- 14th   
IBIZA, Spain - C.I. Dance & Perfromance - Laura Aris (Intensive). August 24 - 29th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Ultima Vez Studio. September 1st- 4th  
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S. - Laura Aris - Power Sources. Sep 1- 25th
ST.PETERSBURG, Russia - Dance Academy - Contemporary Laboratory. Oct 3rd- 7th
BARCELONA, Spain - La Caldera, Centre de Creació de dansa i Arts Escénicques - Morning training sessions during a research residence. Oct 19th& 21st and Oct 26th & 28th
STAVANGER, Norway - Nov 9th-20th - Choreographic Laboratory with student of Stavanger University of Arts. Nov 9th - 19th


HONG KONG HKAPA, Academy for Performing Arts
Laura Aris Alvarez - Artist in Residency : Sept 2013- June 2014
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S. - Laura Aris - Jan 27th- Feb 14th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Laura Aris / Ultima Vez workshop. July 6th-11th - Ultima Vez studio
IMPULSTANZ VIENNA, Austria - Laura Aris Vocabulary Ultima Vez / Partner work / Playful Body workshop / The Courage to Create workshop. July 28nd- August 15th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S. - Laura Aris / Power Sources. Sep 29th- Oct 10th
University of STAVENGER, Norway - Laura Aris / Power Sources. Oct 13th- 24th
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Dance Academy  Laura Aris / Power Sources. Nov 3rd- 7th
Studio 303 MONTREAL, CANADA - Laura Arís (Ultima Vez vocabulary). Nov 17th- 21st


HONG KONG HKAPA, Academy for Performing Arts
Laura Aris Alvarez. Artist-in Residency 2012 -13
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - CCU Creative Dance Conference - Chinese Culture University - Laura Aris Alvarez / Power Sources. June 20th- 22nd    
DELTEBRE, Spain - EMBER (Laura Aris / Jorge Jáuregui) Partner work. July 8th- 12th
VIENNA, Austria - IMPULSTANZ - Laura Aris Alvarez - Vocabulary Ultima Vez & Partner work. July 22- August 2
BRATISLAVA, Slovakia - Bratislava Culture Summer -EMBER (Laura Aris/Jorge Jáuregui). August 5 - 9.
IBIZA, Spain - Ibiza Contact Festival - Laura Aris Alvarez / Power Sources. August 26th-20th


HONG KONG, HKAPA, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts  -  Jan 2nd - 20th
Remake of  some extract of Surprised by Joy with the students of the HKAPA.
SALZBURG, Austria - SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance -  EMBER (Laura Aris / Jorge Jáuregui). March 5th - 30th  
LYON (France) - Laura Aris (Ultima Vez vocabulary) - Festival Auteurs De Troubles. April 4th - 6th
BURGOS (Spain) - Escuela Superior de Danza De Castilla y León. April 16th - May 18th
MONTREAL (Canada) - Atelier Transformation, in collaboration with Circuit - Est. May 28th - June 1st / Contemporary lessons - Laura Aris and June 4th - 8th   / Partner work - Laura Aris /Jorge Jáuregui       
DELTEBRE (Spain) EMBER (Laura Aris / Jorge Jáuregui) / Partner work. July 2nd-6th
IMPULSTANZ (Austria) - Laura Aris - July 16th - 27th   Vocabulary Ultima Vez & Partner work.
ANTWERPEN, Belgium - Kunsthumaniora Dans & PACTT vzw-  Power Sources. August 18th - 22nd.
BRUSSELS (Belgium) - PARTS Summer School - Laura Aris / Power Sources - August 20th - 24th
HONG KONG - HKAPA Academy for Performing Arts : Artist-in-Residency Sep - June 2013


MONTREAL, Canada - Danse et Arts Indisciplinés. January 10th to 14th- Studio 303
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Charleroi Danses-La Raffinerie - Laura Arís / Power Sources. Jan 17th - 21st    
ATHENS, Greece  - Duncan Dance Research School  in collaboration with Rallou Manou Dance School. Laura Arís / Power Sources. Feb 7th - 13th
HONG KONG - Academy for Performing Arts - Feb 21st -March 4th  
REYKJAVIK, Iceland - Iceland Academy of the Arts - Laura Arís. March 14th - 25t
CARTAGENA, Spain - FESTIVAL MUDANZAS - Laura Aris. April 2nd - 3rd
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Charleroi Danses-La Raffinerie - Laura Arís / Power Sources. Jun 6th - 10th
DELTEBRE, Spain  - June 27th  - July 1st - Laura Arís / Jorge Jáuregui (Partenering work)
KALAMATA DANCE FESTIVAL, Greece - Laura Arís (Power Sources). July 13th - 21st.
VIENNA, Austria - IMPULSTANZ - Laura Arís / Ultima Vez vocabulary & partnering. July 25 - Aug 5
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Henny Jurriëns foundation - Power Sources. August 22 - 26
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Charleroi Danses-La Raffinerie - Power Sources. Dec 12th to 16th  


ELCHE, Spain - L’Escorxador CCC. Laura Aris / Power Sources. Jan 7th- 8th
SEVILLA, Spain - Centro de las Artes de Sevilla. Jan 11th - 22nd
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Laura Aris / Power Sources. Feb 22nd - March 5th
SANTIAGO DE CHILE -   Laura Aris March 5 - 9 and 12 - 16 Partnering (Laura Aris/ Jorge Jáuregui)
BRUSSELS, Belgium - P.A.R.T.S. May 17th- 26th
BARCELONA, Spain - La Caldera. Laura Aris / Power Sources. May 31st - June 4th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Ultima Vez vocabulary workshop. July 12th - 16th
VIENNA, Austria - Impulstanz - Laura Aris / Ultima Vez vocabulary. July 19th- 30th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - PARTS Summer School. Laura Aris / Power Sources. August 9th - 13th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - PARTS. Dec 13th 17th


ISTAMBUL, Turkey - Laura Aris / Power Sources. January 12th- 16th
ROVERETO, Italy - CID, Centro Internazionale per la formazione - Jan 30th- Feb 1st
ZAGREB, Croatia - Zagred Dance Company - morning class February 16th - 27th
BARCELONA, Spain - Lanònima Imperial dance company - Laura Aris / Power Sources. March 2nd - 6th
BARCELONA, Spain - Institut del teatre de Barcelona March 11th - Master class and March 18th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Intercultural woman group LASO - organised by Ultima Vez
MALAGA, Spain - CSD,El Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Málaga - March 30 - April 3
MUMBAI, India - Terence Lewis Foundation - Laura Aris / Power Sources. April 13th - 24th
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - performance for graduated students at Taller Nacional El Barco. May 11- June 12
LINZ, Austria - Laura Aris / Ultima Vez vocabulary. July 27th- 31st
VIENNA, Austria - Impulstanz - Laura Aris / Ultima Vez vocabulary. August 3rd- 14th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - Ultima Vez workshop. August 24th- 28th. Studio Ultima Vez
ROVERETO, Italy - CID, Festival Oriente Occidente. September 5th -6th
SAN LUIS POTOSÍ, Mexico - El Centro de las Artes de San Luis Potosí (Ceart) - Sep 14 - 18
MAZATLAN, Mexico - Professional School of Dance (EPDM) - Power Sources. October 26th - 30th
BRUSSELS, Belgium - PARTS. November 2nd- 13th
BOLGNA, Italy - Isadora dance studio - Laura Aris - Power Sources. 14th- 15th Nov
BRUSSELS, Chaleroi Danses - La Raffinerie - Laura Aris - Power Sources. Nov 23rd- 27th
TURNHOUT, Belgium - Cultuurhuis de Warande - Laura Aris - Ultima Vez workshop. Nov 28th- 29th
BARCELONA, Spain - Institut del Teatre. Master classes - Dec 11th and Dec 15th


PARIS, Conservatoire National Supérior de Musique et Danse de Paris, France.
SEOUL, South Korea
- National Arts University Seoul - Laura Aris - December 2008.