NEW PRODUCTION: Línea y Contorno de Un Abismo (working title)

Pablo Palacio, Ecuador.jpg

A performance around the literary universe of the Ecuadorian writer Pablo Palacio.
A production of FIALV, Festival Internacional de Artes Vivas Loja, Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonia del Ecuador, Autumn 2018.

Research residence at HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden, 17th-30th June 2018.

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“Its texture, its secrets, its perfect disorder. A toast for its characters.
A man of many edges that no one can ever limit”

Palacio is still one of the most valuable representatives of the Latin American avant-garde. He was a writer who lived always outside the established. He was an eternal rebel who never gave in to his thoughts, the essayists and critics never forgave him that stubbornness. His contemporaries totally marginalized him because he did not fit into the system, and he, too, did not want to fit in there. He was an "illegible" writer according to tradition, who, in his totalitarian face, tries to homogenise everything, denying those who do not enter into its logic. That is why they marginalized Palacio, who came to question the very bases of the literary canon of his time.