A production of la Comédie Française, Paris (France)

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Premier April 27th at 20:30 of Elektra/Oreste directed by Ivo Van Hove at Comedie Francaise, Richelieu, Paris

Artistic team
Translation :
Marie Delcourt-Curvers
Stage version : Bart Van den Eynde et Ivo van Hove
Mise en scène : Ivo van Hove
Scénography et light designer : Jan Versweyveld
Costumes : An D’Huys
Original musique and sound concept : Eric Sleichim
Choreographic work : Wim Vandekeybus
Dramaturgie : Bart Van den Eynde
Director’s assistant: Laurent Delvert
Scenography’s assistant: Roel Van Berckelaer
Costumes’s assistant : Sylvie Lombart
Light designer’s assistant: François Thouret
Sound assistant: Pierre Routin
Choreographic work’s assistat: Laura Aris

With the actors of Comédie-Française: Claude Mathieu (Coryphaeus), Cécile Brune (chorus), Sylvia Bergé (chorus), Éric Génovèse (Phrygian slave), Bruno Raffaelli (old Mycenaean man), Denis Podalydès (Menelaus), Elsa Lepoivre (Clytemnestra / Helen), Julie Sicard (Chorus), Loïc Corbery (Pylades), Suliane Brahim (Electra), Benjamin Lavernhe (Mycenaean man), Didier Sandre (Tyndaerus), Christophe Montenez (Orestes), Rebecca Marder (Hermione), Gaël Kamilindi (Apollo).
And the actors of L' Académie de la Comédie-Française: Peio Berterretche (Aegisthus), Pauline Chabrol, Olivier Lugo, Noémie Pasteger, Léa Schweitzer (Chorus)
and live music interpreted by Adélaïde Ferrière, Emmanuel Jacquet, Rodolphe Théry - Trio Xenakis, Othman Louati, Romain Maisonnasse, Benoît Maurin (percussions)
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SALOME (2017)

A production of Dutch National Opera, Amsterdam (Holland).

Salomé_Ivo Van Hove 2017.png

Richard Strauss’ masterpiece Salome directed by Ivo Van Hove with choreography by Wim Vandekeybus and the conductor Daniele Gatti leading the amazing Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, at Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam.
It was a pleasure to be part of it and coached Malin for her dance of seven veils.
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Conductor:  Daniele Gatti
Stage Director:  Ivo van Hove
Set and Lighting Designer:  Jan Versweyveld
Costume Designer:  An D'Huys
Video Designer:  Tal Yarden
Choreographic work:  Wim Vandekeybus
Dramaturg  Jan Vandenhouwe
Assistant choreography and movement’s couch of Malin Byström: Laura Aris
Orchestra  Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Herodes : Lance Ryan, Herodias : Doris Soffel, Salome : Malin Byström, Jochanaan :  Evgeny Nikitin , Narraboth :Peter Sonn (June 9, 12, 18, 27 and July 2, 5)- Attilio Glaser (June 21, 24) , Ein Page der Herodias : Hanna Hipp, Fünf Juden : Dietmar Kerschbaum, Marcel Reijans Mark Omvlee, Marcel Beekman, Alexander Vassiliev, Zwei Nazarener :James Creswell, Roger Smeets, Zwei Soldaten, James Platt, Alexander Milev, Ein Cappadocier : Michael Wilmering (Dutch National Opera - talent).





©Christine Brorsson

Choreographers Laura Aris and Jos Baker join forces to bring an evening of two solos that form one captivating performance. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Laura Aris and Of No Fixed Abode by Jos Baker center around themes of isolation, loneliness, sacrifice and wanderlust. Each solo brings a personal journey, a perspective.

A double bill performance, this evening of work reflects on issues raised by the transient lifestyle of a performer and brings two unique voices and movement languages to shared experiences. The proposals for these works were in gestation for several years, and over time, Jos and Laura have been external eyes on each other's work.

Of No Fixed Abode and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a co production of Sismògraf Dance Festival (Catalonia) and Roxy Theater in Basel (Switzerland); with the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and residences at La Caldera (Barcelona), Destelheiden Art Center (Belgium), Studio Belgica and Ultima Vez studio (Brussels).



Dancer, Actor, Choreographer and Teacher

Jos worked for Peeping Tom, DV8 Physical Theatre. He has created several of his own works and performed in several audiovisual projects. He also teaches internationally, offering a range of classes and workshops for professional dancers at institutions including SEAD, TrinityLaban, The Place, Amsterdam Theatre school, Deltebre Dansa, PARTS Summer School, El Danseu Festival, and many others.

Lear more about Jos at www.josbaker.org

 ©Christine Brorsson

 ©Christine Brorsson




Los coreógrafos Laura Aris y Jos Baker unen fuerzas para componer una noche compuesta por dos solos . Let Sleeping Dogs Lie de Laura Aris y Of No Fixed Abode de Jos Baker circulan alrededor de temas como el aislamiento y la soledad. Cada comparte un viaje personal, una perspectiva.

Un programa doble; Una reflexión sobre temas similares, a raiz de compartir el estilo de vida transitorio del artista viajero. Cada uno aporta su voz única y lenguaje de movimiento particular. Ambas propuestas han estado en gestación durante varios años, y en los ultimos mese de creación se han convertido en el ojo externo del trabajo del otro.

Of No Fixed Abode y Let Sleeping Dogs Lie son coproducción del Festival de Danza Sismògraf (Cataluña) y se pre-estrenaran en Teatro Roxy en Basel-Suiza. Con apoyo del Comité de Subvenciones de Artes Sueco, Centro de Creación La Caldera (Barcelona), Centro de Arte Destelheiden (Bélgica), Studio Belgica y Ultima Viez en Bruselas.



Bailarín, actor, coreógrafo, y pedagógo

Jos ha trabajado para Peeping Tom y DV8 Physical Theatre. Tiene varias obras de creación propia y ha participado en varios porjectos audiovisiales. También imparte cursos a nivel internacional, ofreciendo una variedad de clases y talleres para bailarines profesionales en instituciones incluyendo SEAD, Trinity Laban, The Place, Deltebre Dansa, PARTS Summer School, El Danseu Festival, entre otros.

Más sobre Jos www.josbaker.org





 ©Elías Aguirre ©Jelena Jankovic ©Andi Bančic ©Germanmaton ©Salomon R. Plaza
©Vèrtex Deltebre ©Günter kraemmer ©Mai Ibargüen ©Lucia Baldini

"At Any Given Morning" is the result of the collaboration between two independent artists who come together under the frame work of The Anatomy of Broken Things, defined by Laura Aris within a personal curiosity that has led her to develop other projects under the same concept with several artist.

@Andi Bancic

@Andi Bancic


An intimate duet about the natural sadness of broken things...
Any given morning, the pieces of the puzzle
don't fit like they once did...
A physical journey to the present
to realize that the past does not come back...




"In delicate balance,
when a couple of words,
a gesture, a snap, a shift,
a casualty or a coincidence,
when a simple whisper can tip the scales.
Sometimes our reference points disappear,
leaving only guts,
the visceral" 


Created and performed by  Álvaro Esteban and Laura Aris
Original music by Roger Marín
with the support of HKAPA



After years of working under the baton of different choreographers, companies and several choreographers, Álvaro begins to discover his personal movement supported by self-awareness techniques and meditation, giving emphasis to the development of awareness, all physical, emotional and energetic sense. Today, beside of been still part of the companies Cia. Daniel Abreu (ES) and CocoonDance (DE), he is looking forwards to new projects, following a work line that influences different configurations of the body, in it is absent - present , leading him into collaborations with other artists.
Álvaro co-created "Cuadra-T ” together with Natxo Montero, Finalist at the Choreographic Competition of Madrid 2008. Also co-created "Entomo" together with Elias Aguirre, a multi - awarded piece still on tour and with more than 100 performances worldwide.

More about Álvaro at his vimeo or facebook


VITALY KIM / Álvaro Esteban / Laura Aris / dar



Cualquier Mañana film is an audiovisual production of DAR-Dance Academy Russia in collaboration with Kim.Video company, after the dance duet created by Álvaro Esteban and Laura Aris with original music score of Roger Marín. 


Cualquier Mañana
Concept, choreography and performance by Laura Aris, Álvaro Esteban
(under the framework of “The Anatomy of Broken Things”)
Film director Vitaliy kim
Music and sound design by Roger Marín
Vocals by Manuela Kant
Drums by Ricard Monné
Costume arrangements by Heidi Ehrhart
Filmed and edited by KIM.VIDEO company
Vitaliy Kim, Evgeniya Kim, Nadejda Kohanova, Tatiyana Bronishevskaya
Production by Dance Academy Russia Galina Fedorova Viacheslav Nikolaev Anna Efimova Karina Shcherbakova Violetta Shamsutdinova Ekaterina Merkulova Tatiana Sorokina Ksenia Eismont Regina Starovoitova Alla Lyashchuk
In collaboration with Art Area, Kinostudia Lennauchfilm, Tkachi
With the support of Embassy of Spain in Russian Federation | Embajada de España en Moscú - Federación de Rusia.
Special thanks to HKAPA- Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Sarah Oliver, Eugeniya, Arseniy and little Leon Kim.



Vitaly Kim is a director, choreographer and film-maker from St.Petersburg. He is the head of STAGE DFT Company (DANCE FILM THEATRE), the main goal of which is the creation of dance films and performances, and moreover the promotion of dance film as a unique genre of art in Russia.

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ABOUT DAR - dance academy russia

Dance Academy Russia (DAR) is an educational center, based in St.Petersburg, Russia. DAR provides for high quality dance education and creation opportunities in St. Petersburg, worldwide and through its online courses. DAR organizes international project DASS, building connection to communities, institutes, companies and festivals in the area of Dance and Theater arts abroad and Festival DAR in Russia with pedagogical, performing and stage experience exchange between Russian dancers and foreign teachers and choreographers.

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Since 1998, Y-Space maintains a platform named “Improvisation Land”. It exists for artists of different media to meet and have an improvisational jam from time to time. In gathering artists from around the world and across the areas of dance, installation art, music, lighting design and visual arts, artists interact spontaneously - beyond the usual practice of choreographed performances. Being unpredictable could be risky, but it could also be a surprise. 

Artistic coordination & curation by Victor Choi-wo Ma
Created and performed by Laura Aris, Victor Ma, Katie Yau, Mandy Yim
Live music by Ocen Chan, Edmung Leung, Sacia Pellegrini
Video design by Adrian Yeung
Text documentary by Dora Lai
Administration by Candy Cheung
Photography by Ka Lam
Video documentary by Cheung Wai Lok Shing
Produced by Mandy Yim

About Y-Space

Dance artist Mandy Yim and Victor Choi-wo established Y-Space in 1995 in Hong Kong. The aim is to explore the infinite possibilities of performance through dance and to search for new dance languages and ways of performing. After 19 years, Y-Space is still dedicated to developing it's roots in local culture as it works with and supports international visions. Y-Space has cultivated spaces for creativity in local communities and schools, and they have a loyal public following.  International invitations and tours have taken Y-Space to 18 cities in 12 countries.

©Ka Lam

©Ka Lam



Desde 1998, Y-Space creó una plataforma llamada "Improvisation Land" para unir a artistas de diferentes disciplinas y organizan sessiones de jamm juntos. Reunen a artistas de todo el mundo, de áreas de danza, música, diseño de iluminación, instalación o artes visuales, y los invitan a interactuaría espontáneamente, más allá de la práctica habitual de una representación coreográfica. Ser impredecibles puede ser arriesgado, pero también puede convertise en sorpresa.


Los bailarines-creadores Mandy Yim y Victor Choi-wo establecen Y-Space en 1995 en Hong Kong. El objetivo es explorar las infinitas posibilidades de comunicación a través de la danza, y la búsqueda de nuevas lenguas y formas de actuación. Después de 19 años, Y-Space se ha dedicado a desarrollar discursos arraigados en su cultura, como también con influencias internacionales. Y-Space ha cultivado espacios de creatividad en escuelas y la comunidad local, así ha conseguido crear un público fiel a sus actividades y eventos. Y-Space ha recibido Invitaciones que le han llevado a visitar 18 ciudades en 12 países.





            ©Takao Komaru ©Aaron Tang ©Mandy Yim ©Karin Weber's gallery


In 2014, Laura was guest artist at Guerilla Project during the Art Basel - Hong Kong international exhibition at Chai Wan Mei, and she was guest artist at Karin Weber gallery in central Hong Kong.

MicroAcciones is a dance intervention project taking place in museums, art galleries or other, specific locations out of context from the theater. Initially created together with Jorge Jáuregui, MicroAcciones have been going on since 2011.

For Chai Wan Mei’s Art Guerilla Project, Laura Aris presented several new MicroAcciones. Some of them were part of the existing oeuvre, others were created specifically for the Industrial City - located in specific corners, elevators, or corridors of the building - still more were totally improvised, traveling through different locations.

Through physical interaction, performers addressed the specific architecture and design of the building, the art works exhibited, and the people visiting the place.

Concept and direction by Laura Aris
Performance by Laura Aris, Stéphanie Janaina, Edmund Leung
Technical support by Aaron Tang
Production by Chai Wan Mei in collaboration with Leslie Van Eyck
Thanks to Sara Olivier    

Performance by Laura Aris, Edmund Leung
Production by Alice Rensy
Thanks to Stéphanie Janaina and Sara Olivier



Stéphanie is a French - Mexican dancer and producer with great interest in visual arts. She currently studies Visual Arts at Centre Saint Charles Université Paris 1 - Sorbonne, France and is engaged in many different artistic and pedagogical projects in Mexico.

Learn more about Stephanie at www.stephaniejanaina.com

ABOUT Edmund Leung

A liv­ing, breath­ing entity with major com­po­nents made of water, car­bon, min­er­als and other com­pounds. Atom­i­cally sta­ble, able to con­tem­plate the vast­ness of the uni­verse while smil­ing in the float­ing air, that is me, and also…Album producer / musician / ex-guitarist / song writer and vocal of Huh!?

More about Edmund at www.facebook.com/theinterzonecollective/
The Train - a Hangpan solo video
The Interzonecollective live video
Qualia (listen to the songs of Interzonecollective)



Portraits of dancers 'OFF"

©Thibault Gregoire

I have been photographing dance for a few years.
Usually, these shots take place in a studio, on a stage, or even in a cultural space.
Recently, I wanted to take a different look at the dance, far from the studios and the stage, far from the costumes, lights, and specific choreographic sets.
I simply suggested to dancers to invite me into their universe, to open more intimate doors for a few hours, no matter what time of day. In a place of their choice, I simply offered them a portrait - in pictures.
— Thibault Gregoire

More about Thibault at www.thibaultgregoire.be



Portraits of dancers 'OFF"

He fotografiando danza durante algunos años.
Por lo general, las sesiones tienen lugar en un estudio, un escenario, o incluso en un espacio cultural.
Recientemente, quería ver la danza de otra manera. Lejos de los estudios y el escenario. Lejos de los trajes, luces y coreografias.
Simplemente sugerí a los bailarines que me invitaran a su universo, a abrir puertas más íntimas. Por unas horas, sin importar la hora del día, en un lugar de su elección, simplemente les ofrecí un retrato en imágenes.
— Thibault Gregorie

Más sobre Thibault www.thibaultgregoire.be



Caterina Varela / Álexis Fernández & Laura Aris / Jorge Jáuregui



©Luis Castilla ©Gorka Bravo ©Miguel Ballestin ©Robert Madsen ©Lekus Leku


A Collaborative project between EMBER and LA MACANA created in 2010.

Cola de Gallo is a literal Spanish translation of cocktail. Ours is an artistic cocktail. A short, collective, creative process - almost spontaneous - in which in a state of immediacy gathers up our primal essences, fresh and sudden. A mutual desire to explore the universe we could create together, the result has included encounters between Galicia, Barcelona, and Bilbao.

This is a factory of meters after meters,
the prairie has only tilted to become a wall.
All our steps have followed a desire, and to reach it,
we have to lift our feet and step on it.
— Erri de Luca

"... Artistic cocktail of four performers who stand out for their strength and energy with an exceptional technical quality"
(Mes de Danza, October 2010 Seville)

Together, they also created a composed evening of short pieces named DOUBLE TRACK (56’).

Created and performed by Laura Arís, Alexis Fernández, Jorge Jáuregui, Caterina Varela
Original music by Roger Marín
light design Double Track by Octavio Mas
Produced by Ember & La Macana


La Macana is a Spanish dance company founded by Caterina Varela and Alexis Fernández in 2009, Galicia (Spain). 
More about www.lamacana.es

About EMBER (Laura Aris/Jorge Jeauregui)



Cola de Gallo es la traducción literal de la palabra cóctel. El nuestro es un cóctel artístico. Un proceso corto, casi espontáneo, donde recogimos desde la inmediatez las esencias primeras, frescas y repentinas. Resultado de encuentros entre Galicia, Barcelona y Bilbao. Un deseo mutuo por explorar el universo que se crea con esta fusión.  

Esto es una fábrica de metros tras metros.
La pradera no ha hecho más que desplazarse de inclinación
para conversirtse en muralla.
Todos nuestros pasos han seguido un deseo
y para alcanzarlo hemos tenido que poner los pies encima y pisarlo

— Erri De Luca

“…Cóctel artístico de cuatro intérpretes que destacan por su fuerza y energía con una calidad técnica excepcional”
(Mes de Danza, Octubre 2010 Sevilla)



La Macana es una compañía de danza española fundada por Caterina Varela y Alexis Fernández en 2009 y sede en Galicia. 
Más información www.lamacana.es




©María Zendrera ©Miguel Bellestín ©Trayectos ©Krea ©Sismògraf    

I just know that the only possibility to cross this desert that falls down around us, is with your help, your support, your weight and breath. I just know that wherever we arrive will be the place, will be the place where our remains may rest.
— Germán Jáuregi

Y del Resto No sé Nada was a commissioned work for the festival Dies de Dansa in Barcelona in 2008. The choreographic material was originally created by Laura Aris and Germán Jáuregui for the Belgian dance company Ultima Vez, where both were members. Some of their choreographic material was used in the performances Sonic Boom and Puur as directed by Wim Vandekeybus.
Thanks to Wim and the Company for their permission and support.


Created & performed by Laura Aris Alvarez, Germán Jáuregui Allue
also performed by Jorge Jáuregui Allue
Music by 16 Horse Power, and an original track composed by Nubla



ABOUT Germán Jáuregui

Germán Jauregui is a Spanish director, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue based in Brussels. In 1998, he joined the company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus and worked as a dancer, movement assistance and rehearsal director. Since 2007, he has developed his own work, creating the pieces “Sunset on Mars” (2009),  “Confession” (2013) and“Isaac y Diola” (2016) together with the choreographer Antia Diaz.

More information about Germán is available at www.facebook.com/german.jauregui



Sólo sé que la única posibilidad de atravesar este desierto
que se precipita sobre nosotros,
es con tu ayuda, con tu soporte,
con tu peso, con tu aliento...

Y sólo sé también que allá donde lleguemos
ése será el lugar
el lugar donde descansarán nuestros restos

— Gemán Jáuregui

Una mujer pierde el sentido y reta a un hombre a recogerla a tiempo, antes de que se estrelle contra el suelo. Esta acción se repite una y otra vez. Podrán a prueba la confianza entre los dos, su voluntad, su resistencia, su perseverancia. Se ayudan, dependen del otro, comparten una misma carga. En definitiva, una historia de amor.

Y del Resto No sé Nada fue un trabajo de comisión para el festival Dies de Dansa en Barcelona en 2008. El material coreográfico fue creado originalmente por Laura Aris y Germán Jáuregui para la compañía belga Ultima Vez, donde ambos eran miembros. Parte del material coreográfico fue extraído de los espectáculos Sonic Boom y Puur, dirigidas por Wim Vandekeybus.
Gracias a Wim y la Compañía por su permiso y apoyo.



Germán Jauregui es director, coreógrafo, bailarín y pedagogo residente en Bruselas. En 1998 se incorpora a la Compañía Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus y trabaja como bailarín, asistente de movimiento y repetidor. Desde 2007 desarrolla su propio trabajo, creando las piezas Sunset on Mars (2009),  Confession (2013), Isaac y Diola (2016) junto a la coreógrafa Antia Diaz.

Más sobre Germán www.facebook.com/german.jauregui