Singer, composer and musical producer

NUBLA is the artistic name holding the works and music collaborations of Luciana Carlevaro.
She has been an ally since 2009.

©Noemi Bascuñada  

NUBLA has composed original music for several performances:
Impostura by EMBER (Laura Aris/Jorge Jáuregi). NUBLA & Ander Agudo
Microacciones by EMBER (Laura Aris/Jorge Jáuregi) NUBLA & Ander Agudo
Y del Resto No sé Nada by Laura Aris & Germán Jáuregui
Nubla was composing and singing for the performance of Impostura, and she was a performer on stage.

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Musician, composer, producer and sound technician

Roger Marín has collaborated with Laura Aris since since 2010.
He has composed original music for the following performances:
A-PART by Laura Aris
COLA DE GALLO by EMBER (Laura Aris/Jorge Jáuregui) and LA MACANA (Caterina Varela/Alexis Fernández)

and arrangement for Surprised by Joy and Winter Child, commissioned works by Laura Aris.

Artist in Residence ©La Caldera 2016

Artist in Residence ©La Caldera 2016



Costume designer

Amber is a Belgian designer currently collaborating with Laura on the solo work Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, premiering in April 2017.
Hopefully, this is just the beginning of their artistic relationship.

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Amber es una diseñadora de vestuario belga que actualmente colabora con Laura Aris en su trabajo en solitario Let Sleeping Dogs Lie con estrena en Catalunya, April 2017.
Esperemos que sea sólo el comienzo de su relación artística.

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Communication, design, audiovisual and web

Vèrtex is a Catalan communication company formed by Albert Vidal, Josep Ramon Guallar and Verónica Guirguis.

Vèrtex has created several audiovisuals for Laura Aris and her collaborators:
trailer, Open Wound (2016)
Open Wound Microaction (2016)
trailer, Cualquier Mañana by Álvaro Esteban & Laura Aris (2014)
trailer, El Erizo - Microaction by EMBER - Laura Aris/Jorge Jáuregui (2013)

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DAR and Laura Aris have an ongoing collaboration since 2014. They share in both the conceptualization and the realization of educational events and artistic projects that promote relationships and enhance encounters between Russian dance artists and members of the international field. Their work is aimed at increasing the number and the quality of those encounters, and the goal of their relationship long-term is the growth of the performing arts field in Russia.


Dance Academy Russia (DAR) is an educational center, based in St.Petersburg, Russia. DAR provides for high quality dance education and creation opportunities in St. Petersburg, worldwide and through its online courses. DAR organizes international project DASS, building connection to communities, institutes, companies and festivals in the area of Dance and Theater arts abroad and Festival DAR in Russia with pedagogical, performing and stage experience exchange between Russian dancers and foreign teachers and choreographers.

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