©Susana Mora

Surprised by Joy is a performance created together with twenty four dancers from El Barco - Taller Nacional de Danza of Costa Rica in 2009. 
Some extracts of the performance were remade with students of the HKAPA, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, in 2013. 

Those who go all the way in total freedom,
barefoot explorers taken on board for an unexpected journey;
An attempt to caress inner images that attract and create our future;
Impatient like the wind, coming and going from the inside out, the vital movement of all being.

Concept and direction by Laura Aris
Artistic assistance by Jorge Jáuregui
Created and performed by Luis Alfredo Sierra, Adrián Arriaga, Andrés Ortiz, Jose Raúl Martínez, Marko Fonseca, Paola Rodriguez,  Laura Chavez, María José Coto, Israel Ortiz, Vanesa Beltrán, Dayana González, Cristina Rojas, Zebastián Méndez, Daisy Servigna, Omaris Mariñas, Melissa Hernández, Nestor Morera, Adriana Cuellar, Laura Jiménez, Karla Vilegas, Isaac Aleman, Mario López, Lucía Ribera, Cristhyan Donnelly Mendóza.
Costumes by Tripartito / Me Extraña
Text by El Barco, Aristides Vargas, Eduardo Galeano.
Production manager and General director of Taller Nacional de Danza: Jimmy Ortiz Chinchilla
Produced by Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, Teatro Popular Melico Salazar, Taller Nacional de Danza - Conservatorio el Barco
Dedicated to Liberto Herrero (an exceptional father)