Opening night on February 27th at Night Cathedral in Chichester.

Mapdance performs a diverse repertoire. This year 2018 the company has commissioned new works from Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor (Israel), Laila Diallo (UK), Helen Parlor (UK) and Laura Aris Alvarez (Belgium/Spain) offering a refreshing mixture of dance theatre, intricate lyrical choreography, fast-paced athleticism and wry humour.

“Any artistic encounter can become a revealing experience, an implosive or explosive experience. It can feel like a slap in the face or be as liberating as breath. I’m not only talking about the relationship between the performance and its audience, but also the dynamic created between the choreographer and the performers during a creative process.”
— Laura Aris

"One Day Three Autumns is a performance reflecting on today's societies discord with nature. This working frame allowed us to point out a current topic that, unfortunately, is reiterative in the history of human kind: Power and Conflict. If our limits can become art then we insist on attempting to do so, constructing particular poetics to explore a universal theme but commenting on a hot topic, the unsustainable use of disposable plastics and its grievous consequences.
There is nothing as boring as emotional inertia. There is nothing as fascinating as witnessing a person finding a solution to a problem."


Concept and direction by Laura Aris Alvarez
Created with and performed by Will Hodson, Charlotte Bennett, Rachel Hancock, Rebecca Leigh, Joe Larcombe, LiLa Naruse, , Rebecca Knight, Megan Otty, Emmy- Lou Wilson
Music by John Lurie, Jerome Alexander
Costumes by Rosalind Noctor
Lighting Design by Mike Bignell
Artistic Direction of Mapdance company Yael Flexer (Flexer & Sandiland) and Detta Howe
Executive Production MapDance / University of Chichester.
Company administration Susan Francis
Booking Libby Battaglia
with the support of The ShowRoom Theater, Chichester.


mapdance company

Mapdance is an established vibrant company of dancers recruited nationally and internationally performing diverse repertoire by renowned and upcoming contemporary choreographers. 

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