ZPA - Agrebacki Plesni Ansambl



Stage performance created together with and for ZPA, Agrebacki Plesni Ansambl, in cooperation with ZeKaeM and MSU in Croatia, 2011.

Seven dancers, seven dreams, seven wishes, seven possible conclusions, seven attempts to deconstruct identity.


This is us, vulnerable, isolated, entirely self-contained yet altogether at the mercy of the elements. The ship of Fools is sailing tonight and all of us are aboard.
— Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries

Concept and direction by Laura Aris Alvarez
Created with and performed by Sara Barbieri, Petra Chelfi, Elvis Hodžić, Zrinka Lukčec, Aleksandra Mišić, Martina Nevistić, Ognjen Vučinić
Music by Samir Kadribašić, Johann Sebastian Bach
Direction Assistance by Jorge Jáuregui Allue
Costumes by Emina Kušan
Lighting Design by Saša Fistrić
Sound by Kruno Miljan
Lighting by Saša Bogojević, Marinko Maričić Miš
Photography by Maja Kljaić
Artistic Direction and Production by Snježana Abramović Milković
Executive Production by Petra Glad
with the support of Zagreb City Office for Culture, Education and Sport and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia


This piece researches Desire and tensions it creates. Desire claims life, pleasure, self-fulfillment, and freedom, inasmuch as it causes frustration, denial, fear, and disappointment. We live in a society that is in discord with nature - trapped in domestic comforts, keeping control, or following the rules that someone else set up. Are we ready to dive into the unknown? We might be civilized, but our needs might not be.


There’s nothing but yourself and the waiting to become yourself. Everything is peaceful but exciting, everything quiet but alive.
Everything is happening but unseen, like growing grass.
Under the eyelids there is a person. Little person that lives in a big body. Somehow is dark there. Not a bad dark but dark. You can hear the beat. Constant beat with changing rhythm. Rhythm brings color to surroundings. Red is the dominant one. There are a lots of liquids. Everything is full of moisture. You can slide everywhere. The little person enjoys it very much. She is loosing her days searching for places to slide. Sometimes she wonders in to the points of insecurity. Then she is curious but not afraid. It's her house after all.
Street. The lighting from the night lamp. Reflection in the window, of the house that I am passing trough.
Steps. Game of fingers on the neck of saxophone. Flowing sounds trough the night. My gaze is attached to the box and reflection by the light on the coin. Untied laces, corner of pants touching the shoes. I love that stile. Smoke of the cigarette. Red lipstick. Night and story. I have to remember that. A garbage bin and mess everywhere.
The only free friends of the night, their eyes are shiny, homeless dogs - howling.
Trammels.work.brain.body.connection.imagination.fantasy.freedom.personal.unique.mine.yours.matrix.system.jump over.information.will.wish.collective.harmony.beat.rhythm.uncontrolled.autonomous. Trammels in personal freedom of our own system, jumping by a rhythm of wishes.
There are things that u don’t want to talk about. Something about feelings which u recognize within you.
Some projection or visualization about next action. Things that are gone, and you would like to recover the emotion. Subconscious actions. New possibilities. Nature. Another perception. Making yourself in/visible. Opposition. Truth.
Dark, dream, disturbed, hell, incorrect, mad, clean cut, ice, teeth, cold, death, sleeping song, hug, sex, mess, run, fun, done, flashback, spotlight, heat, meat, bone, dust, drug, desire, portal, choice


ZPA - Agrebacki Plesni Ansambl

UNDER THE EYELIDS / Bajo Los Párpados

Un espectáculo commisionado por ZPA, Agrebacki Plesni Ansambl en cooperación con ZeKaeM y MSU, en Croacia 2011.

Esta pieza se adentra en el concepto de deseo y las tensiones que crea. El deseo reivindica vida, placer, plenitud, libertad, pero también causa frustración, negación, miedo o decepción. Vivimos en una sociedad que está en desacuerdo con la naturaleza, atrapada en la comodidad doméstica de mantener control, siguiendo unas reglas establecidas y en muchos casos impuestas desde el subconsciente.
¿Estamos listos para sumergirnos en lo desconocido? Podemos ser civilizados, pero nuestras necesidades muchas veces no lo son.

Siete bailarines. Siete sueños, siete deseos, siete posibles conclusiones, siete intentos de deconstruir la identidad.

Se trata de nosotros, vulnerables, aislados, totalmente libres.
Sin embargo y por completo a merced de los elementos.
La nave de los Tontos navega esta noche y todos estamos a bordo
— Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries

Sé que es peligroso aventurarse a acariciarte y por eso dudo,
justo cuando mis dedos están a punto de tocarte.
Aun así me lanzo, temeraria y lujuriosa, a pasear mis dedos sin mesura
a sabiendas de que en la oscuridad,
el naufragio puede llegar sin previo aviso.